ife happens, we get sick, injured or stressed. What do you do? How do you get better?

Whether its kids falling over and hurting themselves.
Partners with stiff necks from being in front of the computer all day.
Being in a car accident and hurting your back.
Footy players injuring themselves on the field.
Grandpa recovering from a knee operation.
Your baby struggling with colic or mums that needs a break from taking care of everyone around her.
The hairdresser with painful wrists and hands…
There is a holistic modality on the table called Bowen therapy that can provide some relief and start the healing process…
My eldest loves running and after her long-distance training she complains about her hamstrings hurting. As soon as I have time, I get her on the table and do the Bowen hamstring procedure. The next day it might still be a bit stiff but by die second day it feels all better and she returns to training soon after.




Better Bowen

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