"I bad upper back discomfort and was often in pain that the doctor or physiotherapy couldn’t address. During the COVID-19 lockdowns I was regularly doing the exercises that the physio gave to do, but my upper back was going from bad to worse. I retired and thought that old age has arrived, as I was constantly in pain, standing, sitting, or lying down. I used to enjoy going for a walk or a jog but that turned into a pain endurance test. I came to ‘Better Bowen’ with the hope to get some relief, but the result surprised me. The pain virtually disappeared, and it made feel 10 years younger. I had been sporadically going to Bowen in the past and it always made me feel better, but to what extent it would help, perhaps depends on the practitioner. Reinette, at least in my experience, is the best! Now I go for maintenance every 3 months and if I get a “twinge” here and there, my first thought is that I need Bowen therapy. Thank you, Reinette, for giving me back the joy of being able to walk or jog with pleasure again."  - Alex P
"If you are thinking about trying Bowen, Reinette comes highly recommended. She is incredibly experienced and intuitively knows where to go for optimal healing. I initially booked for one session but was so impressed with the results I have continued as a regular for 12 months now.
Thank you Reinette" - Marie H

 "We visited Better Bowen for a Neurological problem for my husband as he could not see a Neurologist for 6 months. Reninette helped him to understand his problem and he felt relief after only 2 sessions.

I saw Reinette for a back and neck pain, and am very pleased to say that the pain had ceased after a couple of sessions.
We highly recommend Reinette" - Georgiana D
"I highly recommend Reinette Bowen treatments. A gentle, nurturing, realignment for the body with results that last. Reinette understands how to allow the body to heal. Wonderful" - Julie S
"Absolutely love visiting Reinette (hope I spelt it right haha). Reinette fixed up all my back / shoulder pain as well as really helping me with my emotions and inner feelings.
Evening if I feel like everything is going well I still have a visit...... as I always leave feeling 100times better.
thank you so much! 💓 so happy I rang you when I did. such a beautiful human being xxx" - Richelle S

"I have been receiving Bowens therapy from Reinette for several years, with great results. I recently had a life coaching session, although I didn't think I especially needed one. It turned out to be a way of sorting out a lot of the issues that are going on in my life right now. Reinette provides a safe environment and encourages you gently to talk about what is really on your mind. I felt lighter and more positive after our session. Thank you, Reinette." - Gail H

"Reinette has been my Bowen therapist for several years, during which time I came to know her kind and non-judgemental nature. A few months ago, Reinette asked whether I would be interested in some life-coaching sessions as she could see I was feeling a lot of anxiety and disconnect from everyone in my life. I have trouble opening up to professionals, but I knew that I could trust in her. In just a few sessions Reinette managed to identify and undo some of my long-term thought patterns which were not serving me, and coping strategies for stressful, energy zapping situations. I now have an improved relationship with some family members, and a more positive outlook on my future. I would recommend Reinette for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and is in need of some direction, she is a wonderful human being, and a talented mentor." - Lorian W

"We highly recommend Reinette at Better Bowen. My husband was experiencing persistent shoulder pain. After weeks of taking anti-inflammatory medication that was given by the GP (with no improvement) a session of Bowen with Reinette saw the shoulder pain disappear completely the next day after the session. You are absolutely amazing Reinette! I have also taken my children for Bowen due to recurrent chest infections and we also saw huge improvements after the sessions. Reinette is lovely and provides a very caring service." - Cindy D

"I went to see Reinette with really bad back pain, after fainting twice with the pain, I was told about Better Bowen and after only 1 session I was able to do the things I love - walking, swimming gardening. I go once a month now and I feel so alive when I come out. I'd just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Reinette and can't wait for my next session." - Lynn A

"I cannot describe with any words how thankful I am to meet Reinette. I went in the last couple of weeks through a really hard time which effected my body and mind. After the first session with Reinette, I felt so much better, energized and totally back in balance. I can highly recommend the Bowen therapy with Reinette. She is very professional and sensitive and really got healing hands. Unfortunately, I live far away in Germany, but during my next holiday in Perth I will meet her again, for sure! Thank you for everything!!" - Maureen R

"Reinette has helped me so much with my long recovery back to running. I never realised how much I needed Bowens to keep me training and running. It's a regular fixture in my training schedule now and always will be." - Gail H






Better Bowen                                       Opening Hours  
34 Hacienda Drive                               Mon: 9am - 4pm
Clarkson, WA 6030                              Tue: 9am - 5pm
                                                             Wed: 9am - 4pm 
                                                             Thu: 9am - 5pm
                                                             Fri: 9am - 5pm
                                                             Sat: 9am - 1pm ​

Additional times on request – please ask if these hours don’t suit you!





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