Tissue Salts



Minerals are natural elements essential for our general mental and physical health. Minerals
are an intrinsic constituent of every living cell of our bodies. In the bones, teeth, muscles,
soft fleshy tissues, blood and nerve cells, Minerals help maintain body processes and
perform a multitude of purposes. However, the various minerals in the body are closely
integrated with one another, and often one mineral deficiency will disturb and retard the
functions of the other minerals. This can quite easily result in general ill health, a lack of
energy and muscular and mental deterioration.

Using a combination of 12 inorganic salts can help in treating diseases and improving
physical performance. They are safe and can easily be absorbed by the body, non-toxic and
can work on a broad range of health conditions.

By using facial diagnostics and with a complete and thorough analysis of a client, I'm able to
determine which tissue salts the client is deficient in. I'm then able to prescribe the
necessary ones to remedy any imbalance. The ones I'll be selling are from Germany and are
not available in the pharmacies or shops.

This information is sourced from the Institute of Biochemic Medicine. 

Here is a bit of information on each of the 12 tissue salts. Please feel free to contact me if
you would like to get some more information.

No 1. Calcium Florum - The salt for Elasticity
Connective tissue, ligaments and tendons, veins and muscles. Calcium Fluoride deficiency
can be indicated with a clear line straight down the middle of the tongue.
Good for:
• Brittle Nails
• Rigid Muscles
• Constant thinking
• Constipation
• Rough cracked skin
• Constant cold hands and feet
• Joint pain – hips, spine, knees and feet
• Menopause
• Period pain
• Repetitive strain injury

No 2. Calcium Phosphate - The salt for bones, ligaments and teeth
Decisive role in bone formation (mineralisation). Calcium Phosphate is one of the minerals
needed for a healthy digestive system as well as building strong healthy bones and teeth.
Calming and great for a good night’s sleep. Works very well in conjunction with No 7.
Magnesium Phosphate – they work very well as a health tonic.
Good for:
• Calming of the nerves
• Growing pains
• Muscle spasm
• Digestive issues
• Heartburn
• Indigestion
• Sleeplessness
• After bone fractures

No 3. Ferrum Phosphate – The first assistance salt
The salt for the immune system. Iron increases and maintains our physical energy levels. It
lifts Immunity, supports emotional and gifts energy and the capacity to cope. Iron increases
and maintains our physical energy levels. Supports emotional wellbeing and helps if you
struggle to “go”. It lifts Immunity and is our first defence against inflammation and fever.
Good for:
• Emotional mood swings
• Lethargy
• Constipation – This is my first go to
• Intestinal inflammation
• Lifting Immunity
• Colds
• Muscle pain
• Muscle weakness
• Sprains and bruises

No. 4 Kali (Potassium) Chloride – The salt for mucous membranes
Inflammations of the mucous membranes, e.g. rhinitis, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis and
cystitis. Use Kali Chloride as our second formal defence when dealing with lowered
immunity. Kali Chloride is found in the cells of the brain, nerves and muscles. It’s considered
the second form of defence against fever and infection after iron as it has a strong
detoxifying effect. Kali Chloride is necessary and helpful for clearing out all dead cells from
our bloodstream.

Good for:
• A poor appetite
• Hypersensitivity
• This is fantastic for the lymphatic system
• Sinusitis, tendinitis e.g. for all ‘itis’
• Skin infections

No. 5 Kali Phosphate - The salt for nerves and mind
This mineral is the magic potion if you suffer from anxiety or find it hard to relax. Kali Phos is
a nerve tonic and helps to calm the mind and the central nervous system. Kali phosphate is
the mineral needed for effective brain function and cognition. It’s also fantastic if you want
to break out of old behavioural patterning emotional mental, spiritual or physical. This
mineral can change the way you think.
Good for:
• Recuperating from nervous exhaustion
• Adrenal fatigue
• Emotional trauma
• Calming effect
• Anxiety
• Hypersensitivity

No. 6 Kali Sulphate – The salt for chronic inflammation
Chronic inflammations and chronic skin disorders. Kali Sulphate enhances the detoxification
process. So fabulous for skin problems. It also helps to activate and promote metabolism. So
wonderful for the Liver.
Good for:
• Pains in legs and arms
• Treating colds and flu
• Headaches
• Over -eating
• Sinus
• Dry and flaky skin
• Detoxifies the Liver
• Settle jitteriness associated with anxiety and sadness

No. 7 Magnesium Phosphate – The salt for cramps and pains
This mineral help with cramps and spasms of muscles (e.g. menstrual pains, common
tensions in the neck or shoulders and painful spasms in the gastrointestinal tract). Plays an
important role in the building of bones, muscles and nerves. Magnesium Phosphate is a very
popular mineral as it is the main mineral for harmonious body, and mind. It’s necessary for a
range of things namely brain function, settling nervous tension and calcium absorption. Very
good in settling agitation or obsessive thinking. Headache and migraine relief. It’s also
known to activate over 300 enzymes in the body!
Good for:
• Pain, cramps and spasms
• Calms the nerves
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Mucus in the throat (frog in the throat)
• Autonomic nervous system

No. 8 Sodium Chloride - The salt for fluid balance
Necessary for the all-around functioning of nerves and muscles. Regulates body fluids.
Sodium chloride is needed and great for hydrating the body. It opens the blood cells so they
can absorb water and minerals. Also, great to help relieve headaches and migraines. Sodium
Chloride is one of the most important minerals to help hydrate the body. Sodium chloride is
important for cell renewal, blood production, digestion, detoxification and mental health
Good for:
• Restlessness
• Restless legs
• Fidgety
• Feeling thirsty after eating
• Difficulties with focusing
• Tiredness

No. 9 Sodium Phosphate – The acid-base balance salt
Metabolism and hyperacidity. This mineral is needed for the breaking down of acids within
the body. This salt is fantastic for the Lymphatic System and can give the body an awesome
lift and detox. In combination with other salts is can break down uric acid which is awesome
for complaints such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and gall bladder issues
Good for:
• Sugar cravings
• Have sudden mood swings
• Prefer processed foods
• Breaks down uric acid
• Sluggish digestion
• Suffer from Arthritis

No. 10 Nat Sulphate - The salt for excretion

It’s main task is to help the Lymphatic System. It helps to excrete excess fluid within the
body. 3 tabs 5 times a day can hydrate the system especially after bouts of gastro. Fantastic
Liver tonic and supports brain function.
Good for:
• Bloating
• Oedema
• Penetrating Heel Pain
• Sharp pains in the hip
• Toxic build up from medication
• Nightmares
• Victim mentality

No. 11 Silica - The salt for hair, skin and nails
In the body, Silica is involved in the production of collagen, the protein substance needed for
the production and stabilisation of connective tissue, tendons and bones, and contributes to
the elasticity, firmness and resilience of hair and nails. It is fantastic for the skin, and
improves the strength of connective tissue.
Good for:
• Procrastinate
• Deafness ‘due to aging’
• Rheumatism, gout
• Kidney stones
• Allergies
• Lung infections
• Are In a constant state of chaos
• Have an Inability to focus

No. 12 Calcium Sulphate - The salt for the cleansing processes
Calcium sulphate influences the formation of connective and supportive tissue in the body, it
suppresses inflammation in the skin and supports the growth of new cells. Can be used as a
cleansing remedy. Its main role can support the gut and eradicate parasites and can clear
the lungs of congestion.
Good for:
• Digestion
• Bronchial Issues
• Wounds that are slow to heal
• Burning sensations on the soles of the feet
• Bladder infections





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